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What is Shamelessly Fit

Shamelessly Fit is a outdoor personal training company that offers a wide variety of fitness programs for people who are looking for something a little different in their workouts. People spend so much time indoors already. We work in buildings with florescent lighting, we drive inside our cars to commute to work, and then go inside a gym to workout. Shamelessly Fits idea of fitness is to get you back to exercising outdoors again. Take a deep breath as you breath in fresh air in between your sets, smelling grass instead of sweat, replace treadmills with trail running, replace weights for kettlebells, even make your body your machine with TRX® training. No matter your goal Shamelessly fit has a way to get you there.

Shamelessly Fit offers individual personal training and small group fitness classes designed to meet you at your level. Next, we will gradually progress your workout intensity. There is no need for you to be limping the next day after your workouts. We measure your workouts by your results, not how sore you get. There are no pre-made workouts here, no mindless 3,2,1, go, and no fad diets. Everything is made just for you because Shamelessly Fit believes you deserve that.

We offer: Outdoor Small Group Fitness Classes and Outdoor Personal Training.