TRX® Class



This is one of my favorite pieces of equipment to use myself and teach. The whole unit weighs under two pounds and can be hooked up anywhere. I take my TRX® when I travel, I've used it when I had a knee injury to recover, to prepare for Spartan Race, just about anything. You can be an advanced athlete or just starting out and this thing will still challenge you. The way the TRX® loads your joints feels better than weights and you don't feel so run down after training.

What is TRX® Class?

TRX® class is designed to give you a full functional body strength workout in one  nonstop hour. This class will collectively improve your flexibility, core stability, balance and overall strength. TRX® training is a must for those involved in any field of sports or for those who are looking to improve their overall fitness performance.

Want a strong core? A six pack? TRX® works and activates your core muscles throughout this one hour low impact workout. How is this possible? Whether you are performing a TRX® Row, Chest Press, or Bicep curls, you must engage your core muscles during the whole class in order to keep your body stabilized and maintain balance. 

If Suspension TrainingTM sounds like something that you would like to include in your fitness regimen call (619) 772-6127 or if you are a member book online now. Classes are limited to four people per class. Don't hesitate!

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Note: *You MUST CALL 619 (772-6127) or e-mail to Reserve your spot in class!

We limit each class to 4 people in order to give you the necessary attention you deserve.


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