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Since I began training with Ryan (over one year ago) my endurance has increased. I've gained tremendous strength and lost body fat. I've gone from being a size 8 to a size 2. My clothes fit better and I feel energized and so much healthier. One of the great things about training with Ryan is that the workouts are very diverse and challenging which have allowed me to push my body to the fullest. I have learned to work out with TRX, Kettle Bells and  was able to train and prepare for the Super Spartan Race through his super circuit group trainings. Another great advantage about training at Shamelessly Fit is that all training takes place outdoors (beautiful Morley Field). Training outdoors is refreshing and adds adventure to each  training session which definitely keeps it from becoming monotonous. Ryan is very focused on ensuring that his clients learn to do each and every exercise correctly to protect us from injury. He is very supportive and encourages us to set short and long term fitness goals.

-Eugenia C, North Park



  "Ryan is a instructor whose focus is to better your health and well being. His personal training is instructional and I always leave my sessions feeling stronger and more flexible."

- Daniel S, El Cajon




 I enjoy working with Ryan because he always has a different exercise to teach me.  I can definitely feel the change in my physical well being through his training and motivation.  I would definitely recommend him to any one looking to get in shape!

-Horacio J, San Diego




 I just completed the 2012 So Cal Spartan Race.  It was definitely the hardest race I have ever done with 8.5 miles and 28 obstacles in the mountainous region of Vail Lakes, Temecula.
Our fellow Spartan and Trainer, Ryan, could not have prepared us for this race any better. His rigorous training sessions were tough and exhausting yet very rewarding making us stronger and feeling more confident.
He showed us our strength and capabilities by pushing our limits each time.  With positive reinforcement and encouragement he proved to us that we can take on one of the toughest challenges.
Thank you Ryan for believing in us and for making us believe in ourselves!!

-Judy B, San Diego



 I have been training with Ryan almost a year now and have lost close to 50 lbs. His knowledge and encouragement have not only changed my outside appearance but also my determination to live a healthy life style. His expertise have taught me to eat to live. Training with Ryan has been one of the best investments of my life.

Thanks Ryan for the new me.

-Maureen P, San Diego




 Working with Ryan has been one of the best decisions I've made all summer. If you want the best trainer in San Diego, Ryan is your guy.

When I first met him in early June, I was nervous about personal training. I had let myself get out of shape for the first time in my life. Ryan was not only reassuring but by far has been the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever met. He has EXTENSIVE knowledge of anatomy and can tell you what every exercise is working and what happens when you get lazy and get out of perfect form.

Ryan is a stickler for form because he wants every exercise (push-up, pull ups, Muay Thai, etc.) to have a maximum positive impact on your body and never cause injury of any kind. What that means for you as a client: no unnecessary exercises and no excuses. Ryan is always reminding me to pack my shoulders in a push up or keep my back straight during squats. He is very patient with all of his clients and pushes them to be their very best. Over the summer, I learned self-defense technique (via Muay Thai- isn't it fun to hit stuff?), how to properly handle kettle bells, and methods of sports conditioning and strength-building. By the end of the summer, I had amazing technique, was in amazing shape, and had an arsenal of exercises to continue my training on the east coast.

Overall, I am an extremely satisfied customer and plan on training with Ryan when I get back to San Diego.

(P.S. Ryan also has great deals on his group classes and personal training if you buy in a package!)

-Nina C, San Diego



After 3 months working with Ryan, I reached my fitness goal this weekend. Let me tell you that the result is amazing because Ryan's method is very effective. 

When you start out with Ryan, you'll meet him in a one-on-one session where Ryan will walk you through several exercises in order to access your fitness level. After this, he will compile this data and your fitness goal to come up with a personalized workout plan for you. More over, Ryan also gives you a new guideline for your meals. This is very helpful because eating right is tantamount in your fitness journey. 

When you sign up with him, I highly recommend meeting with Ryan at least twice a week or more. At the beginning, I opted for only one session a week and my forms really suffered because I needed lots of correction to get things right. Ryan knows his stuff, he will help you correct your forms and movements to optimize your workouts. 

Talking about those workouts, they are challenging, effective and pretty fun. Moreover, you will not be stuck with one set of routines the entire time; Ryan will move you to tougher workouts when you're ready. With new workout routines to challenge you, I have found the sessions to be very fresh and enjoyable. 

All in all, I gladly recommend Ryan. Go ahead and take that first step to a fitter you.

Huy, San Diego

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