Sport Yoga™

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What is Sport Yoga™?

Sport Yoga is a unique blend of ancient, modern, and experimental exercises designed to promote wellness and strength on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. The formatting, movements, and theories are taken and adapted from a variety of sources including: Hatha (physical) yoga, martial arts warm-up routines (specifically Chinese Kung-fu), Tai chi, Pilates mat exercises, postural analysis, European cycling coaching techniques, as well as traditional sport stretches and warm-ups.


  • Parasympathetic nervous system dominates
  • Sub-cortical regions of brain dominate
  • Slow dynamic and static movements
  • Normalization of muscle tone
  • Low risk of injuring muscles and ligaments
  • Low caloric consumption
  • Effort is minimized, relaxed
  • Energizing (breathing is natural or controlled)
  • Balanced activity of opposing muscle groups
  • Noncompetitive, process-oriented
  • Awareness is internal (focus is on breath and the infinite)
  • Limitless possibilities for growth in self-awareness

 Regular Exercise

  • Sympathetic nervous system dominates
  • Cortical regions of brain dominate
  • Rapid forceful movements
  • Increased muscle tension
  • Higher risk of injury
  • Moderate to high caloric consumption
  • Effort is maximized
  • Fatiguing (breathing is taxed)
  • Imbalanced activity of opposing muscle groups
  • Competitive, goal-oriented
  • Awareness is external (focus is on reaching the toes, reaching the finish line, etc.)
  • Boredom factor

Class time is Sunday morning at 10am to 11am at Morley Field.

(4 people max. per class) Semi-private training.

(1)   Class- $20                  Drop in class rate

(4+) Class- $15                  Package class price 

*Buy in packages of 4 or more and save $5 per class.

 Note: *You MUST CALL 619 (772-6127) or e-mail to Reserve your spot in class!

We limit each class to 4 people in order to give you the necessary attention you deserve.