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Welcome to Shamelessly Fit Obstacle Race Training.

So you did it you signed up for a Spartan Race... AROO! The date is on now and soon

enough you will be climbing over that first wall into the starting pit.

With your race date approaching you might be thinking:

Can I run 3-5 Miles With Out Stopping?

Do I know How to Climb a Rope?

Scale Walls and Land Safely

Fuel Your Body So You can be at Your


Let Shamelessly Fit take out all the guesswork for you with one on one training or small

group training.

Each Race Program Covers The Following Areas:

1.  Cardiovascular Training for Obstacle Course Racing.

2.  Race Day Fuel and Nutrition Strategies for Performance.

3.  Resistance Training for Obstacle Course Racing.

4. Obstacle Challenges Technique Review ( how to climb a rope, scale a wall, landing

mechanics, crawl efficiently, how to throw a spear, etc.)

5. Race Day Strategy and Injury Prevention Strategies.



Spartan group training


Spartan Race

Have you always wanted to break into running races or try adventure races but not sure

how to get started? Let Shamelessly Fit design a training program so you can relax and

enjoy your race. Running a race can get you out of a training rut and bring you a

tremendous sense of personal accomplishment. So what are you waiting for? Lets get

started today, not someday.

Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, and More!



Races Shamelessly Fit Trains for:

- Del Mar Mud Run 5k

- Warrior Dash 5k

- Run for Your Life 5k

- Spartan Race (Sprint, Super, and Beast)

- Tough Mudder

Spartan Beast


Where Do You Train People For Spartan Race?

- North Park at Morley Field park outdoors.

Why Outdoors?

- I am preparing clients for an outdoor obstacle race. Training outdoors is a big part of that


How Much Time Do I Need To Train To Get Ready?

- Everybody is different so there is no one size fits all answer. Everyone can improve their

technique, race strategy, endurance and fortitude. The more time you have to prepare the

more you can improve and enjoy your race.

- Usually people need 1-3 months depending on the race that is chosen.  

* Note: Minimum of 2 sessions per week to progress, 3 sessions a week is recommended.




Past Races

Del Mar Mud Run  (3.2 miles)  -The race that started it all.

Super Spartan Race  (8.5 miles)  

Spartan Sprint (5k)

Tough Mudder   (11 miles)

Warrior Dash   (3.2 miles)

 Electric Run, Hot Chocolate Run

Race Training details


The Races