Personal Training


One-on-one personal training

(Each training session is 55 minutes)

Shamelessly Fit's Personal training programs are customized to your current fitness level. We use the latest in scientific training models to progress you to your goals safely and effectively.

We Start with a fitness assessment. A fitness assessment consists of various cardiovascular, flexibility and strength tests. We will then record your starting measurements, health history, establish goals, review scheduling and finally go over any question you may have.

Your fitness assessment is then used to create your very own Shamelessly Fit personal training program.

Your complete program Includes:

- Nutritional coaching

- Cardiovascular program

- Flexibility program

- Resistance training program

- Program design




 Personal Training Before and Afters

 Nina wanted to learn self-defense and be more athletic over summer break from college. While weight loss was not her primary goal she gained half a pound of muscle and lost 6.5 pounds of body fat. I trained Nina for 2 months in Muay Thai and Muay Thai conditioning. She finished the summer lean and she is now quite proficient in Muay Thai techniques.