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Welcome to Shamelessly Fit's Meal Coaching!

A well structured fitness program is a excellent way to improve cardiovascular function, increase lean body mass and

increase flexibility. If you have clicked on this page then you also understand that a solid meal plan is crucial to success

for weight loss and fueling your body for optimum health. 

Eating well is not just about knowing what to eat but it is also about how

you view food.  Most of us know when we are consuming nutritious food

and when we are choosing empty calorie food.  Therefore we don't

have a knowledge
problem when it comes to eating healthy, we have a

follow through/action problem.

Long work hours, taking care of a family, going to school, and a packed

schedule can be a hard cycle to break out of. 
The convenience of

unhealthy but easy meals and quick fix
diets can create unhealthy eating

cycles which can have a negative impact on your health. To help with this,

Shamelessly Fit offers meal coaching that supports making eating well a

normal part of your everyday life. Over the 20 session program you will


About Your Coach:

Ryan is a Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist (LWM)

through the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA).

Duration, Cost and Frequency

Shamelessly Fit's Meal Coaching Program is a 20 session program.

Each Session is 30 minutes in duration and is given before/after

training sessions or via online sessions. Sessions are once a week.

Session Cost....................................$30

Per Month........................................$100