Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it good to train outdoors?

What's a Kettlebell?

A kettlebell or girya (Russ.) is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. A kettlebell is like having a hand held gym in your hand. It is an all-around fitness tool that melts away fat and builds lean muscle.

What is a TRX®?

A TRX® is a strap system much like Olympic rings using your body weight and leverage to increase or decrease the challenge of exercises. As you train on a TRX® you are suspended in the air which makes your body work harder. You have to use your core to keep from collapsing and to maintain your balance. Suspension Training™ is a lot more functional because you are in a standing position instead of lying down or sitting. We have all seen the incredible physiques of gymnasts on the rings. Don't leave Suspension Training™ out of your training program!

The TRX® is being used by elite military groups such as the NAVY SEALS, Pro athlete leagues, MMA fighters, tennis players, golfers, surfers, ski and snowboarders, and more.

Physical therapists are using the TRX® to help rehabilitate their clients and older clients can preform exercise without the fear of falling.

How often do your clients train with you per week?

My average is 2-3 times per week, with clients training two days on their own. Each person is different based on their time available and goals. No matter your schedule we can work out a program that fits your busy schedule and your budget.

Some of the pictures look intense. Are you going to make me so sore I can't walk the next day?

No. That is not the goal of Shamelessly Fit. There is no use to train that hard. We all know that man or woman who talks about how sore they get from their killer workouts and every year they look the same. Soreness does not mean you are making progress. It means you over did it. Some light soreness is o.k. but when it interferes with your day to day life that is not good.

Your program at Shamelessly Fit will be designed to build you up slowly and will increase as you gain more strength and confidence. We take little steps that add up to big payoffs.

What are some other skills I will learn training with Shamelessly Fit?

Boxing, Handstand Push Ups,Kettlebell Swing, Kettlebell Get Ups, Kettlebell Snatches, Kettlebell Double Cling and Press, Windmills,Olympic Lifts, Front Squats, Overhead Squats, Pull Ups, Tire Flips, Sandbag Training, Box Jumps, TRX® Exercises, Push Press, Muscle Ups, Air Squats, V- ups, Burpees, Pistol Squats, Bridging, One Arm Pull Ups, One Arm Push Ups, Bench Press, Battle Ropes, Sledgehammers, and Kickboxing. This is not your average gym workout. Come train outside and learn something new. Ditch the box!


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