Shamelessly Fit


Session 1: Healthy Eating Overview

Session 2: Assessment

Session 3: Setting Goals and Rewards

Session 4: Identifying Barriers and Benefits

Session 5: Tackling Triggers

Session 6: Eating Out

Session 7: Self Talk and Reflection

Session 8: Healthy Shopping Strategies

Session 9: Recruiting Support

Session 10: Half Way Re-Assessment

Session 11: Relapse Strategies

Session 12: Meal Planning

Session 13: Dietary Supplements and Fad Diets

Session 14: Balancing Calories In with Physical Exercise

Session 15: Controlling Weight

Session 16: Managing Stress

Session 17: Staying Motivated

Session 18: Eating in a Changing World

Session 19: Planning Ahead

Session 20: Celebrating Success