14 Weeks to Strength



Shamelessly Fit's 14 Weeks to Strength



 Are you ready to take your strength and

conditioning to the next level?


 Shamelessly Fit's 14 Weeks to Strength is for you! This 14 week program is

designed to get you out of your routine and sky rocket your strength and conditioning

past your current barriers.

 The program takes place outdoors, but is not a boot camp. This is old-time strong man

style training with modern methodologies. The program has stripped out all of the

non-essentials and  gives you a clear-cut guide to becoming strong


14 Weeks to Strength gives you:

  • Brutal muscle building workouts 3x per week.
  • Cardio strength sessions                         

   (because regular running is boring).

  • Meal coaching for maximum performance.
  • Training with your goals in mind.
  • Self discipline to keep going.
  • Understanding of bio mechanics to

   prevent injury.