12 Weeks to a New Body


  Shamelessly Fits 12 Weeks to a New Body Makeover


Are you ready to change your body? Change your life?

Then this program is for you. 

Have you ever wondered how long it would take to lose the weight you want? What would you have to do to get there? What is the formula to be able to see the results in exchange for all your hard work and sacrifices?

Getting the formula right is important but it also must be paired with doing the activity right. Many people get frustrated when they are doing what they read or are told and they don't get the results that they see others are getting.

It usually comes down to a good program executed improperly. How we see ourselves doing things and how we are actually doing them can be two different things. 

Shamelessly Fit's 12 Weeks to a New Body program gives you a complete 12 week program with inspiring instruction, weekly measurements and updates to keep you on track to your goal.


 Meal preparation planning.


Here is what you get when

you sign up:   

- 3 one hour personal training sessions per


- 12 weeks of meal coaching.

- A 12 week cardiovascular training


- A 12 week resistance training program.

- 12 weeks of phone, text, and e-mail


- And of course your new body!



 Maureen's Transformation (Weight loss)

 Before: Week 1

Before: Week 1


Weight: 300 lbs

Body fat: 49.1%

Body fat weight: 147 lbs

Lean body mass weight: 153 lbs

BMI: 43.1

                              After: Week 12

12 weeks later


             After: Week 12


            Weight: 278 lbs

            22 pounds total weight lost.

            Body fat: 45%

                  4.1% deceased in total body fat.

            Body fat weight: 125 lbs

                 - Maureen lost 22 pounds of pure fat.

            Lean body mass weight: 153 lbs

                - Maureen maintained her lean muscle tissue.

            BMI: 39.0

                 - 4.1 points lower


Maureen wanted to lose body fat and improve her overall health. Maureen and I worked on restoring her functional movement patterns,fitness boxing and a cardiovascular fitness program to achieve her fitness goals. Diet and nutrition were paramount in her success.

 Jane's Transformation (Weight loss) (12 weeks in 8.5)

  Before: Week 1


Before: Week 1

 After: Week 8.5


After: Week 8.5

Weight: 167.8 lbs.

Body fat: 28.8%

BMI: 25.5

Weight: 157.4 lbs.

Body fat: 25.4%

BMI: 23.9

Jane was visiting San Diego for the summer and had only 8 and a half weeks to do the whole 12 week program. She trained 4 times a week v.s. the normal 3 times a week to make up for the missing 3 and a half weeks.

  • Jane lost 10.4 pounds and dropped 3.4% in total body fat percentage.